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Brian Clark from Copy Blogger: Driving Traffic To Your Blog

When I was at IZEA Fest a few weeks ago, there were a few presentations that I really liked. Brian Clark from Copy Blogger talked about how to build traffic to your blog, and more importantly, how Copy Blogger drives traffic to their blog. Clark is a pretty laid-back guy, he’s a bit monotone, but […]

IZEA Fest: Ted Murphy and Personal Branding

Murphy is a lively and energetic guy. He takes his own advice about being the same person in real life that you are online. His online brand personifies a fun person. I jotted down some notes at IZEA Fest last Friday in Orlando, Florida. I am just now getting around to formulating them into an […]

Five Steps To Making Your Blog Look More Professional

Are you ready to take the next step with your blog? Do you want to set your blog up for monetizing it in the future? Then, there are a few things you need to change about it before you go forward. Here are my five steps to helping you make your blog look more professional. […]

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Adding Value To Your Readers

As bloggers and social media marketers, we often forget that customers and readers are the most important part of why we create new content, work hard on blogs, and market our products and services over the internet. Blogging and social media are not a one-sided activity, and you must do everything you can to make […]

How To Add Value To Your Social Media Following

I have been so pissed off at social media lately. Every social media outlet eventually becomes a cesspool of advertisements and get-rich-quick schemes. Why do humans always make an effort to destroy good things? Twitter needs help, or it will die quickly. Tomorrow, I will post my grievances toward Facebook and Twitter. But for those […]

Use Instapaper To Be More Productive On Facebook and Twitter

In the world of social networking, we are bombarded with hundreds of links to interesting articles around the web from various different sources. Twitter and Facebook have become extremely popular for posting links that bring value to one’s fans and followers. I am a total sucker for clicking on a link and getting wrapped up […]