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Short Stack – A Great Facebook App Development Tool

At work we started using a web application called Short Stack that allows you to easily create Facebook applications without dealing with a lot of code and has built-in functinalities that would take a lot of work if you were to code or manipulate manually in the Facebook developers section.  We’ve saved a ton of […]

Google Continues Focus On Local Search With Business Photos

Have you ever taken a look at some of the crappy photos thrown together on a Google local listing that hasn’t been claimed by the owner? Google might have pulled them from Tripadvisor, Yelp, or some other review site where the photos were taken by customers. Google sees the gateway to more profit from the […]

An Application To Bring Quality Back To Your Twitter Stream

There are several different schools of thought when it comes to Twitter.  Some people believe you should follow as many “targeted” Twitter users as possible, because there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back.  But, even though that user looks like someone with similar interests, they might be a horrible Twitter user.  My philosophy for […]

My Favorite Company Facebook Pages

Many small and large companies are getting in on the online marketing that Facebook provides with their business pages. Some are running great pages and others are running horrible pages. Here are a few of my favorite corporate Facebook pages, why I like them, and why they are successful. Dave Ramsey Show Dave Ramsey’s facebook […]

Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Google Apps

Microsoft Office is still the dominant software used by small businesses for software productivity applications such as word processing, spread sheets, presentations, and in-office communication. But, Office is a suite of desktop applications. Outlook can be accessed remotely, but Word and Excel files are stuck on your office computer. Sure, you could then log in […]

The Best And Worst Of Facebook And Twitter Marketing

After experimenting heavily with Facebook and Twitter marketing, I now have pinpointed which social media outlets to use based on the product/service and the situation. This is what I have found out so far. Starting and Holding Meaningful Conversations Winner: Facebook Are you looking to get feedback about your business? Do you want to interact […]

How To Add Value To Your Social Media Following

I have been so pissed off at social media lately. Every social media outlet eventually becomes a cesspool of advertisements and get-rich-quick schemes. Why do humans always make an effort to destroy good things? Twitter needs help, or it will die quickly. Tomorrow, I will post my grievances toward Facebook and Twitter. But for those […]