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Embed ShortStack Apps Away From Facebook

  It was reported last month that Facebook tab engagement has dropped 53% since the launch of Timeline for business pages. This is troubling for many businesses who have put a lot of time and energy into custom apps for their page, and it’s even more troubling for the start-ups and agencies that have developed […]

Facebook Launching New Post Targeting Options

  Facebook will soon be launching a slew of new targeting options for Facebook page administrators to deliver relevant content to a particular audience. In the past, Facebook only allowed you to target Facebook page posts by language and location, but they will soon be adding these additional targeting options: age gender interested in relationship […]

Why Niche Social Networks Are Quickly Gaining Popularity

  My last article was about Pinterest and its popularity among individuals and now businesses trying to capitalize on its rapid growth. Pinterest is a great example of what some people refer to it as a niche social network. They serve one general purpose, but do it really well. Some other good examples of niche […]

How To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business

  Pinterest has received a lot of viral buzz and news coverage lately as the hottest and fastest growing social network on the planet. Its rapid growth is drawing the attention of Internet marketers, and we’re all trying to figure out how it fits into the world of social media marketing. As with any social […]

Short Stack – A Great Facebook App Development Tool

At work we started using a web application called Short Stack that allows you to easily create Facebook applications without dealing with a lot of code and has built-in functinalities that would take a lot of work if you were to code or manipulate manually in the Facebook developers section. ¬†We’ve saved a ton of […]

Really, Stumbleupon is generating 50% of Social Traffic to Websites?

There’s always those weird headlines you see in your Twitter or Facebook feed that catch your eye and this was one of them: Stumbleupon Drives More Than 50% of Social Traffic. I didn’t believe it when I saw it on Mashable. I thought Stumbleupon was so 2008. But apparently, it’s still going strong, and its […]

Google Plus – Will It Be Google’s First Successful Social Network?

I don’t know about you, but I am always skeptical when I hear about the next great social network being rolled out by Google. If you keep throwing darts at the dartboard, and you keep hitting the wall, don’t you think you’d stop throwing darts? Google has failed miserably with Orkut and Google Buzz. Now, […]

Social Media Marketing By The Numbers

Here’s a fun social media infographic from the people over at Hubspot. By the way, Hubspot is one the BEST original content creators in the Internet marketing industry, IMHO. I thought it was pretty interesting that 17% of social media marketing spending was done on MySpace. It just goes to show you that MySpace isn’t […]

Facebook and Google Enter The Group Buying Game

So Facebook and Google are now looking to flex their muscles and take down Groupon and Living Social for the business that’s growing faster than our national deficit, social group buying. Google Deals I don’t know much about the Google Deals, but the logical place for them. O be run is Google Places. It’ll be […]

50 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Here to Stay

I hear all the time that people are still skeptical about investing time and money in social media marketing campaigns. I mean, seriously? What more evidence do you need? Stop throwing out the “But, how do we measure ROI with social media?”. Just ask Vitamin Water, JetBlue, Dell, and Southwest how their investment in social […]