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I Pre-Ordered the New iPhone 4 Today

It’s official, I’m upgrading to the new iPhone 4. If you tried pre-ordering one yesterday, it was freakin’ frustrating. There were so many people trying to pre-order, it crashed AT&T and Apple’s servers. You’d think that multibillion dollar companies would account for the amount of bandwidth they’d be eating up, but apparently not. I got […]

Great iPhone Application Resource List

My buddy Tim created a comprehensive list of the best iPhone applications to download. One great thing about this list is that he lists mostly free applications. I can’t stand paying money for iPhone apps! Some of my favorites that he lists: Snaptell, Reqall, Evernote, Shazam, Urban Spoon, and Pandora. The one I haven’t tried […]

New Facebook iPhone App Coming Out Soon

I have been complaining for a while now about how Facebook’s iPhone application really sucks. You can’t update pages with it, can’t upload video, can’t change profile picture, can’t become a fan on a page, can’t upload camera photos to an album other than mobile uploads, and the list goes on. Well, Facebook has listened […]