You may have been hearing a lot of SEO professionals change their tune about their practices over the past two years with the mantra that “content is king”. It’s true, but many of them still aren’t practicing it and/or they truly don’t understand why content is king for search engine optimization.

Whether you’re a small business owner, an advertising/marketing agency, or someone working at a large corporation in the Internet marketing department, you need to clearly understand why content marketing is so important for SEO and the overall strategy of your online marketing goals.

Here are three huge reasons why content the cornerstone of SEO:

Because Google Says So!

Google is still the big dog in search, so their opinions and tips mean a lot when it comes to attaining organic traffic for your website.


Matt Cutts said in a Google Webmaster Tools blog post, “As we’ve increased both our size and freshness in recent months, we’ve naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well. To respond to that challenge, we recently launched a redesigned document-level classifier that makes it harder for spammy on-page content to rank highly.”


Google Panda and Penguin have been huge updates that have sought to reward websites with fresh, original content that focuses on a great user experience. Google actively seeks out websites with irrelevant, low-quality content and demotes the website in search rankings, and in some cases, removes it altogether.

Emphasis on User Experience

Search engines like Google and Bing have placed a larger emphasis on ranking signals such as low bounce rates, high average time on site, quality web design, and easy-to-follow site navigation. Google actually has people manually audit websites as part of their ranking factors to check website user experience. All of the analytics I mentioned above directly correlate with how well someone interacts with your website.

Quick tips on improving your website’s user experience:

  1. Construct a clear and concise navigation, and make sure you can get to all parts of your website no matter how deep or shallow you are within the website.
  2. Make use of interactive content such as videos, comment streams, forums, and photo galleries. The more content you add that enriches user experience and causes them to hang out longer on your website, the more trust and credibility you’ll earn from search engines.
  3. Reduce clutter and embrace minimalism. The old saying that “less is more” is the trend with quality web design. Make use of white space and clean lines, and don’t clutter your website/blog with advertisements.

Good Content is Easy to Find

This sounds a little weird, but my point is that a lot of businesses and bloggers have found out that the way to Google’s heart is to create quality content that’s useful to others. So, a lot of people are doing the right thing and creating useful content. Because this is true, it puts an even bigger emphasis that you need start coming up with some original, fresh content of your own. If not, you’re going to get burned by everyone else that’s doing content and doing it well.

Have you found that your website rankings and/or traffic are dropping? You could be getting slapped by one of Google’s past algorithm tweaks. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section of contact me.