My buddy Tim created a comprehensive list of the best iPhone applications to download. One great thing about this list is that he lists mostly free applications. I can’t stand paying money for iPhone apps!

Tim Cox iPhone
Some of my favorites that he lists: Snaptell, Reqall, Evernote, Shazam, Urban Spoon, and Pandora.

The one I haven’t tried yet is Star Walk. It’s an application that finds and names the constellations, galaxies, and planets in the sky using your phone’s GPS and the direction your facing. This is a great application to have when you are outside with your kids at night. You’ll blow them away with this app!

Tim plans on doing an in-depth post for each one of these iPhone apps in the future. He’s an expert with using Facebook for business marketing, an Apple application guru, and a life-hacking maven. So make sure you check out his blog!