Erik Folgate

Digital Marketing Consultant

Erik has dedicated his professional career to digital marketing since 2006. His journey started by self-taught learning in web design and online publishing (that's a fancy term for blogging). In 2006, Erik started a personal finance blog called Money Crashers that quickly grew to be a popular site for young people to learn about managing finances and saving money. After selling the rights to Money Crashers, Erik began pursuing a full-time career in digital marketing and media at several brands and digital agencies. While maintaining a full-time career, Erik has maintained a thriving consulting and marketing firm for small businesses in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. 

Erik's experience working with small businesses in the areas of SEO, local search, paid media, content marketing, social media, and web design set him part from other consultants. Erik has a passion for the little guy, and he strives for full transparency and honesty with expectations, pricing, and deliverables. 

His industry experience includes hospitality, food & beverage, real estate, professional services, health care and more. 

When Erik isn't helping small businesses with digital marketing in Orlando, he's busy spending time with his beautiful wife and kids. He also likes playing basketball, reading/writing, and volunteering at his church.

If you have a business that struggles being found online or you have a website that doesn't produce results, contact Erik today for a free consultation. His simple, full-service marketing package for small businesses works, and if at any time you feel like you're not seeing the results you want, cancel the agreement at any time, no questions asked. 

We hope to hear from you soon! 

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